Helpers are small creatures that assist the cats in Super Cat Tales. They can be purchased with in-game coins in the shop. Once per day, a free helper can be granted to the player for watching a video advertisement.


When a helper is purchased in the shop, it is added to the player's inventory, which can be accessed at the start of a level by hitting the "+" icon. The selected helper then float around the cat and perform its task. Helpers can be switched in the middle of a level, provided the cat is standing on a pink platform, however, only one helper can be present in a level at a time. If a player selects another helper while another is currently in the level, the new helper will replace the previous one. This also causes the previous helper to be "used" regardless of whether it performed its task in the level or not.


There are a total of seven helpers in Super Cat Tales. Each purchase gives the player one helper, which lasts for one entire level or until the player switches it out for another.

Helper Description Cost
Coconut Shoots seeds, great for enemies moving horizontally. 50
Mr. Cloud Lightning expert, great for enemies moving vertically. 50
Jellyfish Shoots bubbles, great for water and flying enemies. 75
Golden bat Collects coins nearby and multiplies their value by 2. Great way to boost your coins. 50
Ghost Unveils secrets hidden in the level. 100
Phoenix Melts ice blocks, useful to open passages and unfreeze coins. 200
Ice bird Freezes up hot blocks, useful to open passages. 200

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