A Grunty from Lost Yeti
Abilities: Jumps over ice blocks, crushes popsicles (Lost Yeti); jumping over gaps in platforms (Drop Wizard)
Health: N/A (Lost Yeti), one hit (Drop Wizard)
Introduced in: Level 9 of Snowy Hills (Lost Yeti); level 9 (Drop Wizard browser version), Level 2 of Boulder Canyon
Game(s): Lost Yeti, Drop Wizard

Grunty is an enemy unique to the Snowy Hills of Lost Yeti but also found in Drop Wizard.


Lost YetiEdit

Grunties resemble pigs with black skin covering their plump bodies, four silver hooves located beneath, and small ears with reddish-pink insides. Between the Grunty's ears is a tuft of brown fur with another tuft resembling a tail being located on its posterior. A reddish-pink pig-like muzzle is placed on its face with two white tusks flanking it. Lastly, Grunties always have their eyes closed which give them a slightly curved appearance.

Drop WizardEdit

Grunties from Drop Wizard are very similar to those from Lost Yeti possessing the same shape, coloring, and having similar features. The only difference is that they lack the tufts of fur between their ears, their tails are black and stubby, their feet are dark grey, and they are only seen from the side profile.

Game informationEdit

Drop WizardEdit

Grunties are first found in level 9 of Drop Wizard's browser and level 2 of Boulder Canyon. Both version of Grunties behave the same way running swiftly across platforms and jumping gaps. After returning back to its original platforms but going in the opposite direction, the Grunty will jump down to the platform below and repeat the process again. If a Grunty makes contact with Teo, the wizard will lose a life and if a Grunty makes contact with one of Teo's projectiles, it will be temporarily stunned. When stunned, the enemy can be pushed and after a period of time it will disappear and leave a pickup.

Lost YetiEdit

Grunties first appear in Level 9 of Snowy Hills and, at the start of the level, will run around turning in a counter clockwise direction when a corner is reached. If one obstacle is in front of it, it will jump over the block and continue running in that direction. Any popsicles in its path are destroyed and cannot be obtained unless the player restarts the level. As Grunty jumps over obstacles, it makes a grunting noise while contact from the yeti will result in death.

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