Brown mole2
A brown groundhog
Ability: Granting points, digging
Game(s): Hoop and Pop

Groundhogs are an interactive object found in Hoop and Pop.


Groundhogs have a round head, two arms, three white claws, and a partly covered body. On the ground hogs face is a light pink nose, white cheeks, and two black slit eyes. Groundhogs will either have brown, cream, black, or red fur.

Game informationEdit

Groundhogs first appear on level two of the animal cup. Groundhogs will randomly pop out of holes then, after a certain amount of time has gone by, disappear into the ground. If circled together and depending on the quantity, groundhogs will always give points in the hundreds. For example: eight brown groundhogs are circled together and each grant 800 points.



  • Groundhogs are the only objects in Hoop and Pop that disappear if the game is paused and the player resumes playing.

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