Green Dino
Green Dinosaur
Gender Male
Faction Good
Health Several hits from hazards and enemy attacks
Level All
Game(s) Roar Rampage, Roar Rampage iOS

Green Dino is the main character of the game Roar Rampage and Roar Rampage iOS.


The Green Dino has a pale yellow belly and green skin. On the dinosaurs face is a blue eye, a mouth with a tooth poking out, a white horn on the Green Dino’s nose, and a nostril. On top of the Green Dino's head is a large white horn and another white horn is on the back of his head.

The Green Dino has a muscular arm with a red, blue, or black pad on his elbow. On the Green Dino wears a boxing glove that is rimmed with white and is either red, blue, purple, or black. In the middle of the glove is a white circle that will either have a blue thunder blot, a block bomb, a purple magnet, or no picture at all.


The Green Dino's son was kidnapped and taken to a building. The Green Dino made his way to the city where the building his son was. He destroyed building and enemies that got in his way and managed to get to the building where his son was. Going through the building he finally came to the Giant bug ship. The Green Dino destroyed the bug ship and rescued his son and left the building and possibly the city as well.

Game informationEdit

Roar RampageEdit

The Green Dino can move forward or backward by pressing the left and right arrow keys respectively. To destroy buildings and enemies the player must move the mouse backward then forward into the object that they want to destroy. To grab objects and use them as weapons, the player must first click and hold on the object then drag it to where they want to hit. Releasing pressure on the mouse will make the green dinosaur let go of the object. The boxing glove the Green Dino wears can block enemy attacks by making the glove touch the attack.

Roar Rampage iOSEdit

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The player controls the Green Dino's boxing glove with their finger.


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