Giant turnip
Giant Turnip browser verison
Attack: Spawning onions
Health: 3 hits from rolling onions
Points: None
Introduced in: Level 6 (browser version), Cedar Woods act 1
Game(s): Drop Wizard

Giant turnip is the Boss from the First Act of Cedar Woods, The First Boss of Cedar Woods and the First Boss in Overall


Browser versionEdit

The giant turnip appears very similar to an onion possessing a rounded slightly-conical body with two ovular feet at the bottom and three leaves on top. The giant turnip is a little more than twice the size of Teo with it feet being a bright orange and its leaves being bright green with rounded edges. The body of the turnip is predominately white with pale purplish-pink being visible near its sides as well as small grooves which suggests a rough surface. The giant turnip's face is placed close to its feet and consists of pale purplish-pink cheeks, a thin black mouth, vertical rectangles for eyes, and a single curved eyebrow over both eyes in a darker shade of purplish-pink.

Mobile versionEdit

The giant turnip is very similar to its browser appearance possessing the same shape and colours. The only difference is that its mouth is frowning, its eyebrow is a paler shade, its body is slightly more circular, and the stalks on the top of its head are thinner and pointed upwards while having a dull point.

Game informationEdit

Browser versionEdit

The giant turnip appears in level 6 first seen falling down from the top of the screen onto the topmost platform. Shortly after falling, the giant turnip will pound the ground and where red "x"s appear on the stage, onions will spawn. The giant turnip will then proceed to travel down through level and when it reaches the top platform, it will pound the ground and thus spawn more onions or repeat the process. The only way to damage the giant turnip is to have an onion roll into it, whereupon it will turn red, lose a leaf, and remain still for a short period of time. After three hits, the giant turnip will be defeated and fall off the screen.

Mobile versionEdit

The giant turnip behave exactly the same as in the browser version and is found in a nearly identical level format. The only difference in the mobile version is that once the giant turnip is hit by an onion, it will become enraged and dash through the level before returning to normal after falling onto the top platform. Also, the giant turnip first appears in the level with only its stalk visible before it emerges from the ground.

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