Giant spider
Giant spider
Attack: lunging at the miner
Abilities: moving around on the ceiling
Health: 3 hits
Points: 1000
Introduced in: level 15
Game(s): Dyna Boy

Giant spider is the final boss in the game Dyna Boy.


The giant spider has a round body that is black with a black spiral pattern on it. At the top of the spider's body is two black triangles with a space between from which a thick white thread comes. On the left and right of the spider's body are three legs that are bean like and a greyish purple colour.

At the bottom of the spiders body is its head that is slightly circular with two clamps. The clamps and the spider's head are the same purplish grey colour. Finally three round pink eyes are placed on the giant spider's face.

Battle phaseEdit

At the start of the battle the giant spider will come down from the ceiling and then position itself over the miner. It will follow the miner's movements and then lunge down after a certain period of time. The spider will then come up after it touches a object (except TNT). Sometimes if TNT is placed near where the giant spider lunges down, the TNT will get trapped between its teeth.

To kill the giant spider the player needs to get the giant spider caught in the blast of TNT three times. Upon touching the blast of TNT a third time, the giant spider will begin to explode, grant 1000 points, and leave a key.


Since the giant spider follows the movements of the miner it is best to move the miner into the middle of the room and place a stick of TNT. Then when the spider lunges down the miner can move in the opposite direction from where the TNT is. If done successfully the TNT will blow up near the giant spider and the miner will be unharmed.


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