Giant samurais
Giant samurai
Attack: Hitting Red Panda and Giant Panda with it's hammer
Health: 1 hit on the head
Points: 200
Introduced in: level 10
Game(s): Double Panda

Giant samurais are enemies in the game Double Panda.


Giant samurais have dark grey faces that have two red eyes and a frown on it. They wear black body armour and dark grey gloves. One gloved hand always holds a hammer that has a grey stick with a square green block on top of it.

The helmet of the Giant ninja is grey and shiny but has two dark blue spikes coming out of the top and a dark blue butterfly shape on the front of the helmet.

Game informationEdit

Giant samurais first appear on level 10 of Double Panda. They will walk slowly back and fourth across a platform but if they catch sight of Red Panda or Giant Panda, they will try to hit them with their hammer.

Unlike most enemies, Giant samurais involve both pandas to destroy them. Red Panda must allow Giant Panda to jump on top of him then Giant Panda will be able to jump on the enemies head and destroy it which will grant 200 points. If the pandas touch any part of the giant samurais body (besides its head), one heart will be lost.

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