Giant dark soul
Attack: Drops down on sun scale
Abilities: Tracks the player's movement
Health: Landing three times on a moon tile
Points: 105
Introduced in: Level 15
Game(s): Sky Island

The giant dark soul is the final enemy faced in Sky Island.


The giant dark soul has similar facial features to the skull enemies and is much larger in size in comparison to them. Four black "legs" stick out of its black head and move in a wave-like motion as it hovers in the air.

Battle phaseEdit

At the start of level 15, the giant dark soul will slowly fade into the game, floating above the sun scale. As the player moves him, the giant dark soul will follow his left and right movements. Once the sun scale stops moving, even for a brief moment, the boss will also pause and descend on the position he was in. If contact is made, the sun scale will lose a life. Upon hitting the ground, the giant dark soul will fade into the background and the cycle repeats again.

To defeat the giant dark soul, the player must have it land on the correct moon tile three times. This particular tile is indicated with a blue highlight seen against the ground. When the giant dark soul lands on the light blue tile, a dissolving sound effect will be heard, indicating that the dark soul is being destroyed.



The giant dark soul descends onto the light blue moon tile.

Each perspective of the square-shaped platform has a crescent tile. However, only one of these tiles will be the one that destroys the boss. This tile is seen with a light blue highlight against the platform's background colour. Once the level starts, the player should shift perspectives right away to quickly find this crescent tile.

Because the giant dark soul only lands when the sun scale stops moving, the player should have the sun scale walk straight towards the crescent tile, pausing for a brief moment when the dark soul is directly above the sun scale. As soon as it starts to descend, the player should immediately move the sun scale out of the way, shifting perspectives once the giant dark soul is completely out of the background. If players can repeat this three times successfully, the boss will be defeated, thus completing the game. Defeating the boss will score the player 105 points.

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