Giant bug ship
Giant bug bot2
Attack: shooting green orbs at the Green dinosaur
Abilities: Spawning bug ships
Health: 9 bug ships thrown into the green part of the boss
Introduced in: level 15
Game(s): Roar Rampage

Giant bug ship is the final boss in the game Roar Rampage and it appears on level fifteen.


The giant bug ship is suspended in the air by a purple and white laser coming out from a thruster at the bottom of it. Near the thruster is a black tube that spawns bug ships.

That tube is attached to the rest of the bug ship's body that is also black. Near the top of the giant bug ship is three light green dots and a bit below the three dots is a large green shiny oval that has a dark green dot inside it.


The strategy to defeat the giant bug boss is to wait till it fires a green orb which the Green dinosaur must hit with his boxing glove. Then a bug ship will come out of the pipe the green orb came out of.

Make the bug ship's attacks hit the boxing glove then punch it into the giant bugs ship's green area. Keep doing that and after three bug ships have hit the green part of the boss, the boss will start to fire two shots. Again make those shots hit the boxing glove and keep pushing bug ships into the green part of the boss. After the fourth hit the boss will move up and down and fire bug ships at the top or bottom of the screen. After six hits the boss will fire three shots. After nine hits the boss will be destroyed.

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