Ghoul from Drop Wizard browser
Attack: Chasing the player
Abilities: Hovering
Introduced in: All
Game(s): Drop Wizard

Ghoul is an enemy in Drop Wizard.


The ghoul appears as a cloaked figure lacking feet that has a head and arms with some of its cloak extended backward horizontally to resemble a ghost-like tail. The ghoul's face resembles a skull and contains the indication of nostrils with semi-circle eye consisting of a black sclera and red pupils. The ghoul's hands are white, small, and hook-like while appearing to have only two fingers. The rest of the ghoul's body is covered by its black cloak with the back of the hood forming a small curl.

Game informationEdit

Hurry up

The sign that precedes the ghoul

The ghoul appears in all levels and serves as a penalty for the player not being able to complete the level in a certain period of time. After 40 seconds of Teo being spawned, whether at the start of a level or being respawned, a sign will slide onto the screen saying "Hurry Up!!" and temporarily pause gameplay. Shortly after the sign disappears and the level has still not been completed, two semi-transparent forms of the ghoul will slide in from opposite sides of the screen with their meeting in the middle of the level causing the ghoul to appear. The ghoul will move in somewhat randomized motions to the general area of Teo and contact with it will result in instant death. The ghoul cannot be harmed by projectiles or rolling enemies but will only disappear when all enemies are defeated or Teo has died.


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