Yellow gem 400Blue gem 400Pink gem level 4 points 900
The three types of Gems
Ability: Granting points
Game(s): Icy Cave

Gems are the only pickup in the game Icy Cave.


Yellow and blue gemsEdit

Yellow and blue gems are the same size as each other and are shaped like a cut diamond. They appear polished and are either light yellow or light blue.

Pink gemsEdit

Pink gems are about two times the size of yellow or blue gems. They are shaped like a cut diamond and are pink. They appear polished.

Game informationEdit

Blue and yellow gems first appear on level one while pink gems first appear on level five. Blue and yellow gems are often seen in groups going around in a circle if touched they grant 500 points. By pressing the speed up key when no Yetis moving will speed up gems. By placing a Yeti in a place when he can get gems then stopping him and pressing the speed up key, will result in the gems coming more quickly to the Yeti and make it a easy way to get points. Pink gems are often seen going vertically back and fourth and are often below platform. Touching one will result in 900 points being gained.

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