Brown frog sitting
Attack: Jumping on the players
Abilities: Jumping to higher areas
Health: 1 hit
Points: 200 (brown frogs) 300 (blue frogs)
Introduced in: level 6 (brown frogs) level 9 (blue frogs
Game(s): Dyna Boy

Frogs are enemies in Dyna Boy.


Frogs have four legs with the their two hind legs not being as visible as their front legs when they are sitting. The eyes of a frog are thin and black with their skin being raised to form a bump above their eyes.

Near the middle of the frogs face is its nostrils that are indicated by two dots. The rest of the frogs skin will either be light blue or brown with a white reflection appearing on the blue frogs skin and a dark brown reflection appearing on the brown frogs skin. Lastly both types of frogs are surrounded by a black outline.

Game informationEdit

Frogs first appear in level 6, though only brown frogs as blue frogs first appear in level 9. Frogs are always found in a area covered in soil and will rarely stray outside that area. Frogs will continually jump back and forth and can also jump higher then the miner. If the miner touches a frog a life will be lost and since frogs are always moving around, it is better to destroy them then to avoid them as a life are more likely to be lost.

Frogs will instantly be destroyed if they are caught in the blast of TNT. The only difference between blue frogs and brown frogs, besides the levels they first appear in, is the points they give upon being destroyed which is 200 points for brown frogs and 300 for blue frogs, though blue frogs seem to jump slightly higher if one looks closely.


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