Frakenstein creatures
Attack: Pushing pumpkins into the boy
Abilities: Chases the boy
Health: 1 hit from a pumpkin
Points: 100
Introduced in: Level 13
Game(s): Graveyard Maniacs

Frankenstein creatures are enemies that first appear on level 13 of Graveyard Maniacs.


Frankenstein creatures have blue metal feet and shoulders on a black body with a bright red button below the green head. Facial features include a black mouth, white eyes, black hair and a faint scar. Two small green arms stick out from below the shoulders.

Game informationEdit

Frankenstein creatures chase the boy while trying to push pumpkins into him. Because they move fast and push pumpkins, they are considered a more dangerous enemy than some of the other enemies introduced earlier in Graveyard Maniacs. To kill a Frankenstein creature, the player must make have the boy push a pumpkin into them when the two are in line. Once the Frankenstein creature hits an obstacle, wall or another pumpkin, 100 points will be gained and a pickup will be dropped in a random area.

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