Attack: Shooting ice balls
Abilities: Moving at a rapid pace
Health: 3 hits from any egg
Points: 900
Introduced in: level 5
Game(s): Egg Blast

Foxes are enemies in the game Egg Blast.


Foxes sit in a orange ship that has a glass window that has on both sides are orange and white triangles that appear to be ears.

The fox itself is dark red and has lighter red on it's face. It has two ears with black insides, two white eyes, and a black nose.

Game informationEdit

Foxes first appear in level 5 of Egg Blast and they are the counterpart to gophers. Like gophers, foxes will move quickly across the screen and try to dodge the eggs.

Unlike gophers, foxes will attack the Easter Bunny by shooting ice balls that freeze the Easter Bunny. If foxes are hit with a egg once, one ear from the glass window will fall off and if they are hit again the other ear will fall off. The third hit will destroy the fox and grant the player 900 points.

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