Coop cake
a cupcake worth 10 points
Ability: Granting points
Game(s): Double Panda

Food is a pickup in the game Double Panda.



Cupcakes have pink icing with a red cherry on top of yellow cake.

Pie slicesEdit

Pie slices are triangle and have brown crust. They have white filling on their second layer and red filling with pink dots for their second layer.

Cups of ice creamEdit

Ice cream sits in a blue cup. That cup has a three scoops of ice cream in it that white, pink, and yellow. The ice cream has brown sprinkles on top of it.


Sandwiches are shaped like triangles. They have brown spotted bread and in the middle is red and green filling.

Corn dogsEdit

Corn dogs have a brown sticking coming out of themselves. The corn do itself is brown and has cut marks on it.

Boxes of noodlesEdit

The noodles are yellow orange and brown and sit in a white paper box. Two chop sticks are seen sticking out of the noodles.

Fortune cookiesEdit

Fortune cookies are yellow and heart shaped. They are slit on one of their sides and a piece of white paper is sticking out.

Game informationEdit

Food is scattered around levels and is the only source of points in Double Panda. The most valuable type of food is the fortune cookie which is worth 250 points and also leaves a message at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes food will be found close to enemies.


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