Floor creatures
Floor Creature
Attack: Shooting light blue bullets
Points: 1000
Introduced in: level 10
Game(s): Ray Quest

Floor creatures are enemies found in the game Ray Quest.


Floor creatures have a body shaped like a compressed hourglass on its side with a single red point sticking out of one side. The body of the floor creature is greenish grey and two yellow eyes are placed on its face while a third it placed on its forehead. The rest of the floor creature's face is covered by small dots that are either black or yellow.

Game informationEdit

Floor creatures first appear on level 10 and are only found in the base world. Floor creatures are stationary and they will bob forward and backward continually. Floor creatures will fire horizontal light blue bullets from the right and left sides of them. Floor creatures commonly appear in numbers and because of the way they attack, they can sometimes become a very dangerous. Once a floor creature's health has been depleted, it will explode and grant 1000 points.

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