Flame creatures
Drop Wizard Flame creature
Abilities: Trailing flames
Health: 1 hit
Points: N/A
Introduced in: Ancient Temple Act 2 level 1
Game(s): Drop Wizard

Flame creatures are enemies in the Ancient Temple Act 2 levels of Drop Wizard.


They are a white ball with two black eyes. They seem to be blazing yellow flames off their body.

Game informationEdit

Flame creatures are the first enemies to be introduced to the second act of Ancient Temple. They move around at a slower pace than most enemies in the levels and can fall off platforms. As they move, they leave behind a trail of flames that gradually disappear. These flames hurt Teo on contact, as does coming into contact with them directly.

Flame creatures are vulnerable to a projectile stun from any side and can be caught in an enemy ball when hit. If a group of rolling stunned enemies picks up a flame creature, they can also eliminate its flames when rolled over.

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