Fist robot
Fist robot
Attack: Punching
Introduced in: Welcome to the Jungle level 15
Game(s): Roar Rampage iOS

The fist robot is the second boss encountered in Roar Rampage iOS


The boss coloured purple with helmet color red.


Attack patternsEdit

The fist robot winds its fist and says a command. While it says a command, the sign on its body flashes to indicate the direction of its aim. It then punches in that direction.

On the preparation, the robot retracts its fist back for a longer time. Afterwards, it punches more powerfully than its previous two.


The dinosaur's goal is to block the punches based on the indication of the boss' aim promptly before the attack. On the first two attacks, the dinosaur only blocks with his fist. Upon deploying the third, delayed attack, the dinosaur's fist block causes the fist robot's to rebound and punch itself in the head. This must be repeated several times in order for it to die.

Game centre achievementsEdit

Name Required task Points
Cassius Clay Finish the second boss without getting hit. 25

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