Fire orbs
Shooting enemy
Attack: Shooting small fireballs
Abilities: Shooting fire
Game(s): Sky Island

Fire orbs are enemies in the game Sky Island.


Fire orbs have a black half circle body with a extension coming out of their head. The extension shoots out small orange fireballs. On the body of the fire orb is a white skull that has black eyes.

Game informationEdit

Fire orbs often appear in numbers. They shoot a line of small fireballs into the air at a fast rate. It is impossible to stop fire orbs from shooting so the player will need to change the perspective to make them disappear or place a fire orb behind a block. If the Sun's Scale touches a fire orb or a fireball it shot, a heart will be lost.


  • There is a glitch that if the player places a fire orb behind a block, the fire orb will shoot a fireball into the air when it should not.

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