Explosive boxes
Explosive block smallBig esplosive
the two sizes explosive boxes come in
Ability: Destroying buildings
Game(s): Roar Rampage

Explosive blocks are interactive objects in Roar Rampage.


Explosive boxes are square shaped and come in two sizes. Both are red with a light yellow triangle on them. That light yellow triangle has a black ! symbol on it. The smaller version of explosive boxes is merely a less detailed mirror image of the larger version of explosive boxes.

Game informationEdit

Explosive boxes are first encountered in level three of Roar Rampage. They are always embedded in the wall and often appear in numbers. When the Green dinosaur punches some bricks near them they will immediately explode and make others explode that are near them. Depending on where they are placed, all enemies and pieces of the building will be destroyed. Because they blow up so easily they a very useful for destroying buildings quickly. The bigger the explosive box the bigger the explosion.


The green dinosaur does not get injured by the explosive blocks even though its damage is greater than the enemy unit's bullets.

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