Exit in dyna boy
Ability: Allowing accesses to other levels
Game(s): Dyna Boy

Exits are interactive objects in Dyna Boy.


Exits are made out of three boards with two placed parallel to one another and the third placed at the top of the two. The top board is held in place by two grey bolts and it is slightly tilted.

The boards are brown and the space inside the exit is black. A rectangular sign is placed above the exit that is green with white symbols. The first white symbol resembles the miner and shows a white arrow pointing towards a white box.

Game informationEdit

Exits first appear in level 1 and appear in all level in Dyna Boy. Exits are always placed at the end of a level and act solely as a marker for the level end. By making the miner walk up to a exit and go in front of it, the miner will turn and go through it. The level will be complete by going through a exit and other levels can be selected as well as the next level will be unlocked (if not unlocked already). A torch is always placed on either side of a exit allowing no darkness to be around the exit.

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