Egg nests
Egg nest2
Attack: Spawning enemies
Damage: 1 health
Health: several earthquakes from the Dinosaurs
Game(s): Dino Quake

Egg nests are hazards in the game Dino Quake.


The eggs found in the egg nests are white and have dents on them. They sit in a brown leafy nest that has four grey spikes poking out of it.

Game informationEdit

Egg nests first appear in level five of Dino Quake. After a certain time has passed the egg nest will spawn a enemy of a certain type. If the egg nest is not dealt with in for a certain period of time, enemies may overflow platforms and make it difficult to complete the level.

Egg nests can be destroyed if the Dinosaurs hit one with several earthquakes. Once a egg nest is destroyed it will leave three bananas in the place where it originally stood.

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