Ability: Destroying rock blocks
Game(s): Zombie Goes Up

Drillers are interactive objects in Zombie Goes Up.


Drillers are shaped like a triangle with very long ends. The drill is silver with streaks of black on it. On top of the drill is hardened purple liquid.

Game informationEdit

Drillers are always found near rock blocks and they first appear on level two. When a zombie crawls into a driller and the driller comes in contact with a rock block, that rocks will be destroyed. While in the driller, the zombie's movement slacken. If a driller goes over a bones the zombie can pick it up if the zombie touches it.

If drillers go over lava the drill will break and the zombie in it will die since drillers don't protect the zombie from hazards. After making a path through the rock blocks, the drill will break at a certain point and the zombies movements will go back to normal.

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