In Roar Rampage iOS, the Green Dino is the default main character. As the player earns gems, however, they can purchase additional costumes from the shop that customize the look of the dinosaurs. Each dinosaur has been previewed with an image on Neutronized's Facebook page prior to Roar Rampage iOS' release. The image shows a picture of the dinosaur, as well as some facts about their weight, likes and dislikes.


Name Date previewed Shop description Shop price in gems
Green Dino January 17, 2013 Roar Rampage classic dinosaur N/A (default character)
Sand Dino January 21 Aggressive dinosaur with spikes on his body 8,000
Sea Dino January 24 Comes from the depths of the ocean 25,000
Zombie Dino January 29 Terrifying undead dinosaur 60,000
Mecha Dino February 1 Last model of mecha dinosaur 100,000


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