Block diamonds
A big diamond and a small diamond in block form
Ability: Granting points (mineral form) preventing accesses to new areas (block form)

Diamonds are interactive objects and pickups in the game Dyna Boy.


Block formEdit

Block form diamonds, as their name suggests, are square shaped. The middle of the diamond is light blue and circular while the rest of the diamond is either triangular or rectangular and slopes down. The diamond is various shades of blue though it is mostly light blue. The smaller variation of block form diamonds is exactly like the bigger form except it is less detailed.

Mineral formEdit

Diamonds are triangle shaped with a rectangular top that slants down and appear to be shiny. The diamond has a black outline and is various shades of blue though it is mostly light blue. While in the ground diamonds are almost rectangular excepted they have slanted corners. The diamond is various shades of blue except it has less patches of colour than when it is out of the ground.

Game informationEdit

There are two types of diamonds, mineral form and block form, and both types are listed below.

Block formEdit

The block form of diamonds is a interactive object and first appear in level seven. Block form diamonds are very similar to rocks. Block form diamonds will prevent accesses to the areas behind them, like rocks, but unlike rocks they cannot be blown up by TNT. To blow up a block form diamonds a TNT crate must be set off near one. The diamond will then shatter and disappear and will sometimes leave a diamond in mineral form.

Mineral formEdit

The mineral form of diamonds acts exactly like a precious minerals and can be found in all the place precious minerals are found. In most cases blowing up a block form diamond will sometimes leave a mineral form diamond. Diamonds are the most valuable and rare mineral, granting 500 points. Sometimes areas that are not need to accesses to complete a level will have diamonds hidden in the soil.

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