Dark enemies are a type of enemy found in the game Dream Tower. There are two types of dark enemies know as normal dark enemies and shielded dark enemies. Below the type of dark enemies is listed.

Normal dark enemiesEdit

Normal dark enemy
Dark enemy
Attack: walking into the Blue Squirrel
Health: 1 hit on head
Points: 10
Introduced in: level 2
Game(s): Dream Tower


Normal dark enemies have round and shiny dark purple bodies. On their faces is a black mouth as well as two red eyes. At the bottom of the normal dark enemies bodies is their two feet that are black and their ends curve upward.

Game informationEdit

Normal dark enemies are the first enemy encountered in level two. These enemies will move back and fourth across platform and turn once they reach the end of the platform they are on or they reach spikes.

To kill one the player must either make the Blue Squirrel jump on a normal dark enemies head or ground pound on it. Either way will kill the enemy and grant the player 10 points. Touching a normal dark enemy will result in one heart being lost.

Shielded dark enemiesEdit

Shielded dark enemy
Old dangerous
Attack: walking into the Blue Squirrel
Health: 2 hits on it's head or one ground pound
Points: 30 points
Introduced in: level 3
Game(s): Dream Tower


Shielded dark enemies have two black feet that are curved at the ends and are located at the bottom of their bodies. Part of the shielded dark enemies purple body is showing but the rest is covered up by a mask. That mask is white and slightly cracked. Two yellow horns are sticking out of either side of the mask.

Near the bottom of the mask is two eye holes witch the shielded dark enemies red eyes stick out. Between the eye holes is three grey dots. Lastly at the bottom of the mask is three white triangles pointing downwards.

Game informationEdit

Shielded dark enemies are first encountered on level three of Dream Tower. Like their cousin, normal dark enemies, shielded dark enemies will walk back and fourth and turn once they reach the end of the platform they are on or spikes.

If the Blue Squirrel touches a shielded dark enemy, one heart will be lost. There are two ways to kill these enemies the first being to jump on their heads two times so that their mask on top of them would be removed and the second jump would kill them. The second way is mush easier and quicker, simply ground pound on their heads and they can be killed in one try. Either way will kill the shielded dark enemy and grant the player 30 points.

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