Dark cloud
Dark Cloud
Attack: Fires dark orbs
Abilities: Chases the blue squirrel
Points: 500
Introduced in: Level 20
Game(s): Dream Tower

Dark Cloud is the final boss in the game Dream Tower, faced in level 20.


The dark cloud seems to be made up of wisps of black smoke, as its shape changes constantly as it moves. Its eye is a single red semicircle, a part of it cut out in the middle to resemble a pupil. A long red mouth stretching across its "face" has two fangs coming out at the ends.

Battle phaseEdit

At the start of level 20, the dark cloud will come into the game screen from above and immediately start to fire dark orbs at the blue squirrel. It will begin to track the squirrel's movement, constantly attacking in the direction he travels in. After firing orbs for about twelve seconds, it will descend onto the ground and move in the same direction as it did when firing orbs, except at a faster pace. This is the player's opportunity to hit it by jumping on top of the dark cloud with the blue squirrel. Once hit, the dark cloud will immediately rise to the top of the screen and fire orbs at the squirrel again.

After jumping on top of the dark cloud three times, it will disappear and fireworks will sound in the background, as it does when any level is successfully complete. The end screen will also come up, allowing players to submit their score.


As soon as the dark cloud appears on screen, the player should get the blue squirrel running left or right without delay. As the blue squirrel runs, the player must remember to have him jump over a small patch of spikes seen on the ground while running. They must continue running quickly in order to avoid being hit by the dark cloud's orbs.

When the dark cloud descends, players must time it right on when to jump on the dark cloud without making direct contact on the sides and landing a hit on the dark cloud's head. If the blue squirrel ends up jumping over the dark cloud rather than hitting it, players need to wait for it to come around the tower and try to hit it once more. After several rounds circling the tower, the dark cloud will eventually ascend and fire dark orbs, repeating the cycle. Thus, players need to wait in between attacks to land another successful hit on the dark cloud.

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