Dark Ship
Cat cat
Attack: shooting orange bullets
Points: 10000
Introduced in: level 32
Game(s): Ray Quest

Dark Ship is the final boss found in the game Ray Quest.


The dark ship has a triangle shaped body with a triangular object placed below at the front of the dark ship's body. The dark ship has two fins coming out of it that are placed at the back.

On either side of the dark ship is a rectangle fins that becomes smaller the father it goes out. All of the dark ship is completely black except for part of the rectangular fins that are dark red and for the front of the dark ship that is grey.

Game informationEdit

The dark ship appears in level 32. The dark ship will begin to sway to the left or right side of the screen and fire orange bullets as it sways. The boss will continually do that till it is destroyed. When all the boss's health is depleted, it will explode and grant 10000 points.


Whenever the dark ship begins to sway to the side, keep a little bit away from its bullets and shoot at it from the opposite side the bullets are moving to. Repeat this method till the boss explodes.

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