Ability: Distorting the screen and slowing down enemies and the dinosaurs
Game(s): Dino Quake

Dandelions are interactive object in Dino Quake.


Dandelions have a thick green stem that is dark green on the sides. This stem leads up to the round white head of the dandelion. The white head of the dandelion has seven small yellow dots on it.

Game informationEdit

Dandelions first appear in level eight of Dino Quake. They always appear in number and sway back and fourth. When touched the dandelion will brake up and cause the screen to move in a wave like pattern. Enemies and the dinosaur's movements will be slowed down which can be either useful or annoying depending on the situation. After a few minutes the screen will return to normal.

A way to not make the screen distort or slow down enemies, is to destroy the dandelions with a earthquake but this will not permanently destroy the dandelion as it will sprout back up in a certain amount of time.

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