Points: 2000
Introduced in: level 28
Game(s): Ray Quest

Cubes are a hazard found in the game Ray Quest.


Cubes are shaped like a hexagon or a ruffly cut rock. Cubs are dark grey with light grey and black patches on them.

Game informationEdit

Cubes are first seen on level 28 of Ray Quest. Cubes will slowly rotate and they often appear in numbers. They do not attack the Ship directly but they may be hard to avoid and since they have high health, trying to destroy one may end up in the Ship being rammed into one, and they are sometimes placed closely together. Depending on the level that the Ship is, when destroyed cubes will leave green particles and grant 2000 points. Cubes most likely have been placed because the space world has many enemies and most fire a large number of bullets and the Ship's health could have been quickly depleted.

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