Encountering the crane
Attack: Fires bullets
Health: 10 hits
Points: 90,000
Introduced in: City Brawl level 15
Game(s): Roar Rampage iOS

The crane is the first boss encountered in Roar Rampage iOS.


The crane is yellow, except for a part of its base underneath the beam. This portion appears glassy and is coloured red, forming a right angle triangle with clipped corners. A gun can be seen below the base of the crane, and it appears to be cylindrical and silver with dark grey spots. At the visible end of the beam, a dark grey wrecking ball dangles from a yellow chain.

Game informationEdit

The player's dinosaur fights the crane in level 15 of City Brawl. To defeat the boss, the player must use the dinosaur's fist to punch the wrecking ball in an upwards-right diagonal direction to hit the red part of the crane. Upon the first hit, the crane moves its gun vertically, firing a series of bullets that move straight horizontally. It continues to fire its gun in periodic spurts until it has been defeated.

After ten hits, explosions will occur around the crane and the player will be granted 90,000 points. A punch machine is located at the end of the level, allowing the player to multiply their score.

Game centre achievementsEdit

Name Required task Points
Knockout Finish the first boss in under 25 seconds 25


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