Ability: Making a bridge
Game(s): Dyna Boy

Connecters are interactive objects in the game Dyna Boy.


Connecter have a rectangular object, that resembles a ladder, with two small stick tied together in the shape of a x placed between two boards. At the top of the connecter is two small rocks with a larger rock placed on top of them. One of the smaller rock is pale green while the two others are light grey and all three rocks have x shaped string attaching them to the top of the connecter.

Game informationEdit

Connecters first appear in level 4 and commonly appear in ones or twos. Connecters are always placed near a gap that is too large for the miner to jump across. Because of the gap the miner will have to jump and throw TNT to get it to fall on the other side of the gap to blow up the base of the connecter. Once the base of the connecter has been destroyed, the connecter will fall over and create a bridge. It is also possible to destroy part of the connecter to separate the blocks on the end of it.

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