Clawed bugs
Clawed bugs
A small clawed bug
Attack: Running into Zombies
Abilities: Digging
Introduced in: level 1
Game(s): Zombie Goes Up

Clawed bugs are enemies in the game Zombie Goes Up.


Clawed bugs have orange bodies that are divided into segments. They have three legs on the left and right of their bodies. They have orange eyes with yellow pupils on their faces and they have grey clamps coming out of their mouths. A bigger version of the clawed bug is seen though it is only bigger and no changes in appearance are present.

Game informationEdit

Clawed bugs are first found in level one. They will move in a pattern back and fourth and act similar to moles. Like moles they often appear in groups. Bones are often placed near clawed bugs and often in areas which are frequently crossed by them. Sometimes the most valuable bones are placed near a bigger version of the clawed bugs, found in level two, that is around two times larger. If a zombie touches a clawed bug, that zombie will instantly die.

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