City fighter
City Fighter
Attack: Shooting yellow and blue bullets
Points: 1000
Introduced in: level 8
Game(s): Ray Quest

City fighter is a boss found in the game Ray Quest.


The city fighter has two slightly slanted rectangular pieces coming out of either side of the city fighter. Those rectangles are dark grey on top and blue with white dots on the bottom.

The rectangles are attached to each other by another rectangle that is a greyish pink and has two blue fins separating it from the dark grey rectangles. A light grey triangle with a black window on it is attached to the light grey rectangle.

Game informationEdit

The city fighter is found at the start of level 8 in Ray Quest. The city fighter will sway to the left or right side of the screen and shoot a stream of blue bullets as it moves to the left or right side of the screen. After the city fighter has swayed to the sides of the screen three times, upon the fourth time it begins to sway a stream of yellow bullets will be fired.

The city fighter will stay in the same place as it shoots the yellow bullets but it will turn to the right and left side and fire the yellow bullets. Upon being destroyed, the city fighter will grant 1000 points as well as drop particles if the ship has not completed all levels in the city world.


When the city fighter begins to sway, try to get the Spaceship ahead of it and stay pressed against the side of the screen till the blue bullets are out of range of being dangerous to the ship. Now repeat the same method on the other side the city fighter sways to but don't repeat the method if the boss is almost near the side of the screen. Instead wait for the boss to finish firing then repeat the method.

When the boss has swayed to a side of the screen three times, wait for the stream of yellow bullets to start then go to the bottom of the screen and make sure the Spaceship's bullets hit. When a yellow bullet is coming close to the Spaceship, move to the opposite side of the bullet and repeat this method with all the yellow bullets. Keep repeating the methods till the city fighter finally explodes.

Mini city fightersEdit

Mini city fighters
Attack: Shooting orange bullets
Points: 1000
Introduced in: level 19
Game(s): Ray Quest

The mini city fighter is a enemy only found in the ocean world and first appears on level 19. The mini city fighter is the same shape as the City fighter except where there would be blue, dark grey, and greyish pink instead there is orange, a darker shade of grey, and light grey respectively.

The mini city fighters will come from the top of the screen and stop at a certain area. They will begin to shoot orange bullets two by two and then stop and do nothing. Once the health bar of the mini city fighter is depleted, the ship will blow up and grant 1000 points.

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