Chilly rocks
Lostyeti-sneeze Lostyeti-snooze
The two chilly rocks: Sneeze and Snooze
Ability: Moves away from ice blocks
Game(s): Lost Yeti

Chilly rocks are interactive objects in Lost Yeti. Two names, Sneeze and Snooze, are used to describe chilly rocks of a different appearance, although both behave in the same manner.


Both chilly rocks are the same size as normal ice blocks. Their internal designs are similar to that of the barrier blocks that surround the levels in Snowy Hills. Chilly rocks wear a cap on top of their flat heads. Their eyes run in a diagonal towards the middle of their face and their cheeks are blue. They are also seen with two pink feet.

The hats the chilly rocks wear are dome shaped with a white ball on top. Sneeze has a red hat, while Snooze has a blue one.

Game informationEdit

The first chilly rock appears in level 13 of Snowy Hills as Sneeze. They remain dormant for the entire duration of the level, unless an ice block is placed against them. Upon doing so, chilly rocks will reveal their feet and faces and move a single block step or two away from the ice. They then go back to their dormant position until another ice block is next to them.

Chilly rocks may be obstacles the player must clear for the yeti, but they can also be used to hold down key buttons, which is necessary in some levels of Icy Cave. Chilly rocks do not harm the yeti, and will pass through him if they move directly onto his path.

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