Changing boxes
Check explodingX exploding boxes
The two objects that appear on the screen of changing boxes
Attack: Blowing up and sending waves of bullets at the Green dinosaur
Health: 1 hit from the dinosaur's glove when the screen has a checkpoint on it
Game(s): Roar Rampage

Changing boxes are hazards from Roar Rampage.


Changing boxes appear as grey square frame with grey bars extending out of the corners. On the left and right side of the grey frame is a cylindrical grey object. On the inside of the frame is a screen that will either be light green and dark green checked with a black check mark on it, or light red and dark red checked with a black x on the checked part.

Game informationEdit

When the player punches it when it's red, it will explode and shoot three balls that shoot many smaller bullets that spread out in a circle. Often this can be very deadly and especially if the Green dinosaur is on low health. But when it's green and punched, nothing happens.

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