Burrowing bugs
Burrowing bug
Attack: Stabbing the player
Abilities: burrowing under ground
Health: 1 hit
Introduced in: Level 5
Game(s): Slime Laboratory 2

Burrowing bugs are enemies in the game Slime Laboratory 2.


Burrowing bugs have a round body that is mostly black with some dark grey. A black line divides the burrowing bug's body in half and some black flecks are seen on the grey part of the bug's body. Extending from the body of the burrowing bug are its four arms that are dark brown and short. The head of the burrowing bug is circular with grey eyes and two large grey clamps that are placed at the front of the bug's face.

Game informationEdit

Burrowing bugs first appear in level 5. Burrowing bugs always appear in earth and commonly appear in ones and twos. If the player goes near to a area that has a burrowing bug, the enemy will stick its head out and after sometime go back down. Sometimes burrowing bugs will come out of different areas in the ground then they did the first time they came up. To destroy a burrowing bug the player simply needs to make Slime eat on with its tongue.


  • Oddly,The only way to see all of the burrowing bug is to have Slime grab it with its tongue.

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