Bulldozer snowball
Bulldozer snowball boss
Attack: Dashing at the Penguin and tossing out fireballs
Abilities: Driving a bulldozer
Health: Several hits from the Penguin's snowballs
Points: varies
Introduced in: Level 4
Game(s): Snow Tale

Bulldozer snowball is a boss in the game Snow Tale.


The bulldozer itself is yellow and has two grey pipes sticking out from behind it. At the front of the bulldozer is a curved grey piece of metal. Below the bulldozer is it's wheels which are black and are three wheels strapped together. The person that pilots the bulldozer is a red snowball that sits behind a glass window.

Game informationEdit

The Bulldozer snowball appears at the end of level four in both the first, second, and third versions of Snow Tale

Version 0.0Edit

In the first version of Snow Tale, the bulldozer will simply ram into some blocks and then go back a certain distance. To easily defeat the bulldozer snowball, the Penguin should stand on the blocks the bulldozer rams into and throw snowball to hit its weak point, the glass window. After enough hits, the bulldozer will explode and three of the same type of ice cream will be left where it was killed depending on how long it took to kill the boss.

Version 0.2 and version 0.3Edit

In version 0.2 and 0.3 of Snow Tale, The bulldozer snowball attacks the same way as it does in version 0.0, it tries to ram into the Penguin. After the second time the bulldozer comes forward and back, it will stop between the two platforms in the section of the level it appears in and shoot fireballs onto the platforms. Those platforms will be covered flames that will take one heart away from the Penguin upon touch and will quickly die away. By the time the flames have died away, the boss will have reached his normal position then will dash again.

To defeat the boss the Penguin must throw snowballs at the glass window the pilot of the bulldozer is in. Once a certain amount of snowballs have been fired the boss will stop moving and smoke will start to rise from the bulldozer. It will blow up and depending how long it took to defeat the boss, three of one type of ice cream will be left.

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