150px-A city building
A type of building
Game(s): Roar Rampage

Buildings are interactive objects in Roar Rampage.


A buildings are just simple obstacles that have different textures like concrete, brick, windows, bridges, and metal.

Game InformationEdit

Buildings can be destroyed by ​the green dinosaur's glove or elbow pad and pickups are sometimes inside buildings. All buildings have the same strength except for a line of windows that could break so easily in just one hit. The metal is strangely as breakable as concrete. Unfortunately, the player cannot use a broken building remain to destroy enemy units or other buildings.

When a building is completely destroyed, a piece of the bottom will remain but these will not stop the green dinosaur from moving. Often people, turrets, and enemy soldiers will be inside building and react to the green dinosaur when he comes close. Sometimes, signs or birds will also be on top of buildings.


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