Bug ships
Bug robot2
Attack: Shooting Green crescents
Health: 1 hit from the Green dinosaur's boxing glove
Introduced in: level 11
Game(s): Roar Rampage

Bug ships are enemies in the game Roar Rampage.


Bug ships have a black insect like body. Coming out from the black body is a white wing that moves up and down at a rapid pace. Also coming from the bug ship's body is a black tail that has a light green ball on the end. Lastly, on the front of the bug ship's body is a large light green oval.

Game informationEdit

Bug ships first appear in level eleven of Roar Rampage. They commonly appear in groups and shoot green crescents at the green dinosaur. Bug ships are also come out of the Giant bug ship and only through bug ships is the giant bug ship able to be defeated. If bug ships come in contact with the green dinosaur's boxing glove, they will instantly be destroyed and explode and a pickup may be left.

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