Big box from Dyna Boy Small box dyna boy
A big box and a small box
Ability: Allowing the player to reach higher places and concealing objects
Game(s): Dyna Boy

Boxes are interactive objects in the game Dyna Boy.


Boxes are squared shaped and are brown. They appear to be made out of wood and the boards of the box are placed together to make a frame while in the inside the boards are placed vertically with two boards placed over top to make a X.

Game informationEdit

Boxes, both big and small, first appear in level one. Boxes are commonly used to reach higher platforms and almost always big boxes appear in ones while smaller boxes appear in groups. Sometimes hidden in boxes are precious minerals and sometimes even keys. Boxes can be blown up by TNT and will shatter into several pieces that will disappear. To push a box the player simply need to push the miner one.

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