a thigh bone
Ability: Granting points
Game(s): Zombie Goes Up

Bones are pickups in the game Zombie Goes Up.


Thigh bonesEdit

Thigh bones are brown and shaped like a classic dog bone.


Hands are brown and show five fingers close together but slightly bent.


Skulls are brown and circular and have a square piece that has scratches on it at the bottom of the skull. On the skull is two eye sockets and a triangle shaped nose.

Game informationEdit

Bones first appear on level 1 and are scattered around all levels. Bones are sometimes placed close to enemies. Bones come in three types which are skulls, hands, and thigh bones. Skulls are the most valuable of the three types and grant 500 points and are rare . Hands grant 200 points and are a bit more common then skulls. Thigh bones are the most common and grant only 100 points. If a zombie touches a bone, points will be gained and pink and white numbers of how much points the bone gives the zombie will appear and then quickly fade.


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