Bomb pickup
Dangreous eyeball!
Ability: Destroying all objects on the screen
Game(s): Hoop and Pop

Bomb pickups are interactive objects found in Hoop and Pop.


Bomb pickups are always placed inside a round blue bubble. Inside the bubble is a black bomb that has thread poking out of it. That thread has a orange flame on the end of it.

Game informationEdit

Bomb pickups can be found on all levels of Hoop and Pop but they will sometimes not appear. To activate the effect of the bomb pickup the player must circle the interactive object with another object. After the bomb pickup has popped, all objects on the screen will pop as well and they will be added to the objects the player needs to pop. In survival mode bomb pickups are a easy way to get a good high score. Depending on how many objects were circled with the bomb pickup, the bomb pickup will always grant points in the hundreds for example: three snails are circled with a bomb pickup and they all grant 400 points.

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