Blue Wave
Blue wave in game
Faction Neutral
Level All
Game(s) Turbo Drifters

The Blue Wave is a character in the game Turbo Drifters. The Blue Wave was first revealed on October 10th of 2013.


The Blue Wave, as its name suggests, is dark blue and also resembles a car but more rectangular shaped. A white line runs down the middle of the car with a small black dot being placed near the bottom of the front of the Blue Wave. The Blue Wave has blueish-purple windows and four black wheels located at the bottom of the car with only two being seen. Lastly the Blue Wave has two white head lights located at the front near the bottom of the car.

Game informationEdit

The Blue Wave, along with the Red Flame, is one of the cars that are automatically unlocked at the start of Turbo Drifters. The Blue Wave has medium accelerating and the highest handling of all cars in contrast to having the lowest speed. The Blue Wave's high handling is useful for turning corners and likewise drifting. The Blue Wave can be considered the counterpart to the Red Flame as the stats for handling and speed are reversed and also the cars are opposing colours and named after opposing elements (water and fire).


  • The Blue Wave was the first car revealed by Neutronized.

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