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Blocks are a interactive object in the game Sky Island. There are three types which are listed below.

Pink blocksEdit

Pink blocks
Ability: Allowing the sun scale to reach items and areas
Game(s): Sky Island


Pink blocks are square and divided into four sections. The top section is light pink while the bottom is a dark colour of pink. The two other section on the right and the left are both the same colour of pink.

Game informationEdit

Pink blocks are always used as platform and first appear on level 1. Sometimes it is possible to get to new ares by standing on a pink block and changing the angle. Pink blocks can also stop enemies from attacking or moving by putting enemies in front of them.

Black blocksEdit

Black blocks
Black block2
Ability: Stopping the sun scale from reaching the finish block
Game(s): Sky Island


Black blocks are square and divided into four sections. The top section of the black block is a lighter colour of black while the bottom section is darker. The two other sections on the right and left are purplish black but are both the same colour.

Game informationEdit

Black blocks will bar the way to the finish block unless all Star tiles are touched. Black blocks often appear in twos since the main character can only jump on top of one block and would need help to get on top of two.

Finish blocksEdit

Finish block
Finish block2
Ability: Allowing the sun scale to progress to the next level.
Game(s): Sky Island


Finish blocks are square and black and white checked.

Game informationEdit

Finish blocks appear in random areas in levels of Sky Island. Once all stars have been collected, landing on a finish block will lead to the next level. Sometimes finish blocks can't be accessed until black blocks are removed. Often near finish blocks are Coins.

Trivia Edit

  • The pink and black blocks are similar to the ice blocks from Snow Tale.
  • Sometimes the blocks may appear close to the enemies or with an enemy above it.

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