Berry trees
Berry tree
Ability: Giving the player a boost
Game(s): Slime Laboratory 2

Berry trees are interactive objects in the game Slime Laboratory 2.


Berry trees have brown bark that is wrinkled. Berry trees come in many shapes and also have different numbers of branches. Near the branches of the berry tree will be purple leaves that resemble clouds and they come in many size and patterns. The berries of the tree are light blue with a dark blue outline.

The berries are round with a two small rounded triangle pieces placed at the top of the berry. The berries are placed on different parts of the tree that differs from tree to tree.

Game informationEdit

Berry trees first appear in level 3. When the player jumps on the berries of the berry tree and then jumps off they will be given a boost. Because of the berries on the tree giving the player a boost, berry trees commonly appear near spikes. Berry trees commonly appear in ones and twos and are sometimes placed close together.


  • Berry trees are the first object revealed to be in Slime Laboratory 2 as they are seen in the first preview image.

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