Attack: Stabbing the player
Abilities: Flying
Health: 1 hit
Introduced in: Level 3
Game(s): Slime Laboratory 2

Bee are enemies in the game Slime Laboratory 2.


Bees have a crescent shaped body. The head of the bee is oval shaped and pointed toward the end. Their head is yellow with two black beady eyes. The middle of the bee is a mixture of light orange with darker orange dots and is circular.

Attached to the circular part is the bee's four wings that move at a fast rate, are light grey, and transparent. The bottom of the bee is oval shaped and slanted and also black and yellow. On the front of the lower part of the bee is its stinger that is pointed and white.

Game informationEdit

Bees first appear in level 3 and commonly appear in groups. Bees are always found hovering in the air and once they see Slime they will ram into Slime and kill Slime. To get rid of bees the player simply needs to make Slime eat one with its tongue. Because bees appear in groups it is best to get them one at a time instead of all at once as while Slime is about to eat one the other could strike.

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