Bat flying
Attack: Chasing the player
Abilities: Flying, hanging from the ceiling
Health: 1 hit from TNT
Points: 400
Introduced in: level 4
Game(s): Dyna Boy

Bats are enemies in the game Dyna Boy


Bats have a round purple body and pointed ears that appear more pointed when they fly with their wings down. The wings of the bat are the same purple colour as its body but the underside of the wing is a bright orangish pink.

On the bat's face is its two small beady yellow eyes that are a darker shade of purple than its body when its eyes are closed. In between its eyes and placed a little lower down is the bats large nose that is a paler shade of pink then its wings. At the back of the bat is its blue tail that is shaped like a slanted rectangle. Lastly the bat has a black outline going around its body.

Game informationEdit

Bats first appear in level 4 and commonly appear in twos. When the miner goes a certain distance beneath a bat, the bat will being to chase the miner. Touching a bat will cause one life to be depleted from the miner and bats will not leave the miner alone until the miner goes a certain distance away from them. When not chasing the miner, bats will hang from the ceiling upside down. If TNT explodes near a bat, that bat will die and grant 400 points.

Because bats are constantly moving and are often a high distance from the ground when they are on the ceiling, it is very difficult to time the TNT so that is catches a bat in the explosion. In rare cases it is actually possible to kill a bat while they are on the ceiling. Bats are often placed near keys or valuable objects and sometimes in dark areas where their yellow eyes will shine in the darkness. Because of their mobility and the fact that they will keep chasing the miner, unlike other enemies which will go away from the miner after they make contact, bats can be consider the most dangerous enemy in Dyna Boy.

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