Attack: Ramming into the player
Abilities: Swimming
Health: 1 hit
Points: None
Introduced in: level 11
Game(s): Slime Laboratory 2

Anglerfish are enemies in Slime Laboratory 2 and are officially named by Neutronized[1]. The Anglerfish first appeared in a preview image for Slime Laboratory 2 that was featured on a Facebook post on May 17.


Anglerfish have a round body with a two small fins placed near the front at the bottom, a larger slightly rectangular fin placed at the back, a pointed triangular fin on the top, and a light hung in front by a curved appendage. The curved appendage is a pale greyish-blue while the light comes from a round bulb-shaped object at the end of the curved appendage.

The triangular fin, the fin at the back, and the majority of the Anglerfish's body is a dark purplish-blue while the two small fins and a large oval shaped section over the Anglerfish's throat is a pale greyish-blue. Near the top of the Anglerfish's head is its face that consists of two round white eyes with dark purplish-blue pupils place far apart and a mouth formed by a thin black line and a pointed small white fang on each end.

Game informationEdit

Anglerfish first appear on level 11 and are always found in water. Once a Anglerfish spots slime they will immediately ram into them and kill the player on contact. If a Anglerfish has not seen the player it will simply swim around in a random pattern. Anglerfish can be destroyed by simply having slime consume them.


  1. "That's an enemy from Slime Laboratory 2. It's an Anglerfish introduced in water levels" - Neutronized in reply to a comment for the Facebook post on May 17 of 2013

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