Alex the Cat
Gender Male
Faction Good
Role Main character
Health 2 hits
Level All
Game(s) Super Cat Tales

Alex the Cat or Alex is the main character from Super Cat Tales.


Alex the Cat, as his name implies, is a cat with a distinct feline shape and head. His limbs are stubby and his coat resembles that of a tuxedo cat by its predominately dark grey colour and white present on the tip of his tail, his chest, chin, and between his ears. The inside of Alex's ears are pink and triangular with his noes being the same shade of pink and rectangular. His eyes are rectangular and green which matches the green of his collar, of which a yellow bell is hung from. Lastly, on either side of his face two small black whiskers extend outwards.

Game informationEdit

Alex the Cat appears in the first level of Super Cat Tales and is the first character unlocked. Alex is able to run up walls, wall jump, and run quickly with running next to a drop making him leap across it. After being hit twice by an enemy, Alex will be knocked out of the level and cause a heart to be lost from the player's lives.